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  • The high-precision class 3 EDM featuring millimeter accuracy even on long range distances (up to 500 m reflectorless mode), and the absolute encoders performing angles measurements with 2” and 5”, provide reliable points calculation in every condition; STONEX R2WPlus is IP55 dustproof and waterproof certified.

    STONEX R2WPlus clear 30X telescope, with illumination adjustable reticle, provides superior sighting quality in any light condition.
    The instrument is available 2"or 5" horizontal/vertical angles accuracy, and 2mm + 2ppm accuracy on distance measurements, with a range of 500 m (reflectorless mode), and up to 3.000/7000 m with a single prism. The USB/mini USB ports, located on the side of the display/keyboard, guarantees an efficient system for data upload/download. STONEX R2WPlus is supplied with a built-in visible laser plummet (class 2 laser).

    Key Features:

    • Windows CE 5.0 OS and user friendly on board software
    •  500m reflectorless range, 2” or 5” accuracy are available.
    • Communication with the USB/mini USB ports to load/download data
    • Laser technology (class 3 laser) for long range reflectorless distance measurements
    • Two side high resolution TFT LCD touch screen display
    • Capacity Large storage capacity with 2GB internal memory

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